Insurance Repair Works - FAQ's

Barry Stewart & Sons receive all instructions from either your insurance company or the loss adjuster appointed by your insurance company to manage the claim on their behalf. We can only action works approved by them.

Private Works
Private works are any works that your insurance company are not wholly or partly contributing towards.

Will Barry Stewart & Sons complete private works for me?
No, we cannot complete any private works. We are an insurance contractor and it is a conflict of interest to complete private works on insurance claims. This includes making small changes to your property in areas that are being affected by the works.
E.g. We cannot replace your wash hand basin pedestal with a vanity unit, change the design of your kitchen, add additional units to your kitchen, or do any works which are not included in the scope of works authorised by your insurance company.

Can I employ my own contractor to carry out works alongside Barry Stewart & Sons?
No, contractors not instructed by your insurance company must not carry out any works in your property whilst your insurance claim is live with us.
Alternative Accommodation
If your cover allows and you are placed in Alternative Accommodation for any part of your claim, you MUST NOT enter your property unless a pre-booked appointment has been made with the Contracts Manager.

Alternative Accommodation is normally provided for health and safety reasons only and by entering your property you are putting yourself at risk.  Barry Stewart are the principle contractor at your property making us liable for all health and safety. Ignoring our request to not enter your property unaccompanied will result in your insurance company being informed and ultimately us removing our services from your property.

We can accommodate one meeting per week at your property between the hours of 08:30 – 16:30 and will last approximately 30 minutes. You will have the opportunity to raise any snagging issues with the Contracts Manager at the end of the works when your property is presented to you as ready for inspection.
Parking Permits
If your property is in a restricted parking zone you will need to provide these to us. We cannot obtain them.
Completion of works
The completion note you are asked to sign at the end of the job relates to Barry Stewart & Sons only. If you have feedback you wish to give on the overall process, or any other party involved in your claim please raise this separately. Signing of the completion note does not affect any cash settlements you may be agreeing if you have part cash settled. It is highly important that you sign and return the completion note.

We will collect any excess payments required to complete the works at your property following instruction from your insurance company. This will usually be before we complete any works. Should you not be able to make the payment please discuss your options with your insurance company.